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Water Damage Irvine

Guy Cohen ran a successful contraction company before opening 911 Restoration Irvine, so he is uniquely qualified to address water damage Irvine emergencies related to infrastructure errors, or anything else really.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Checking Water Removal ProgressThe dry, arid Southern California climate lowers the risk of water damage from rain or thunderstorm in Irvine. Unfortunately it does not minimize water damage risks due to broken plumbing system or clogged pipes.

Moreover, Guy and his team are committed to customer’s satisfaction as well as their service’s performance. “Most problems can be solved with effective communication, and some listening skill!”

When you have a water damage emergency, it is natural to feel frustrated and confused. An expert should not only possess the qualifications to fix your home, but to inform you of how he is approaching the restoration process.

“Most people are scared because they aren’t familiar with the type of damage and how to fix it,” says Guy. “Whenever they ask, I often give them a general guideline of how the restoration process works so they’ll feel more reassured.”

If your home or business is already taking on flooding from a recent pipe burst, ceiling leak, or any other form of loss, then don’t hesitate to contact our water damage Irvine experts with 911 Restoration Irvine for help today!

Water Damage Restoration Process

It is very hard to determine the type of technology needed or estimate the amount of time and labor without physically inspecting the site. Square footage, insulation material, the building’s age, are all factors that a restorer has to consider.

Some important things to remember about water damage restoration work:

  • Water Damage Restoration Closet RepairThat’s why 911 Restoration of Irvine offers free on-site inspection, so customers do not have to wait in time of distress.
  • Our water damage Irvine technicians will also arrive within 45 minutes of your call too so that we can start eliminating the excess water from your property immediately to prevent increased loss.
  • Professional tools are an important reason why you should hire an expert for your water damage repair. While a mop and a bucket might suffice for a minor sink overflow, powerful extractors and pumps are necessary to remove major flooding.
  • Depending where the water damage happens, there are other safety concerns. If the water has flooded the basement, and there is still standing water outside at foundation level, indoor extraction has to wait until outside water is removed.
  • If it is a sewage backup, you need protective gear to avoid contact with harmful contaminants.

With his background as a contractor, Guy Cohen cares about the aesthetics as well as effectiveness of the restoration process. “I want to not only restore a home to its former condition, but better than before!”

Don’t let your lovely home fall victim to the devastating effects of a pipe burst, water heater loss, or ceiling leak scenario. Contact our water damage Irvine experts with 911 Restoration Irvine and let the professionals take care of everything for you properly, today!

Specifics of Restoring After Water Damage

“Think deep when you think of drying,” Guy reveals the biggest mistake homeowners make in drying out their home by themselves. Building materials have different porosity levels, and water can permeate way below the surface.

Water Damage Restoration Van Parked At Commercial JobWithout technology such as a thermographic camera, regular homeowners cannot see hidden wet spots deep inside their infrastructure. That’s how mold can grow and multiply, becoming a health hazard that is not covered under insurance.

Carpets and padding need to be pulled up so the floor can be dried completely. Extra care needs to be taken when taking apart wooden floor boards to prevent buckling.

Organic and chemical waste from a sewage backup or toilet overflow can contaminate your surface. That’s why hiring a professional team such as 911 Restoration of Irvine will ensure that your home will not only look safe and sound, but actually be safe for you and your family.

The main difference between 911 Restoration Irvine and other companies is that we care about your home and, most of all, we care about you. Don’t let a water damage emergency stress you out, call Guy Cohen and let him take care of your home for you.

If your home is already amid a flooding scenario from a pipe burst, water heater malfunction, or even a toilet overflow, then contact our water damage and restoration Irvine specialists with 911 Restoration Irvine today!

Guy Cohen ran a successful contraction company before opening 911 Restoration Irvine, so he is uniquely qualified to address water damage Irvine emergencies related to infrastructure errors, or anything else really.
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