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The Homeowners Insurance Mold Removal Insurance Process

Published by 911 Restoration Irvine on April 7, 2022 in category: Mold Inspection

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Removal?Being a homeowner is one of the best feelings in the world, but it also comes with responsibilities. For example, all properties are at risk of damage in one way or another, necessitating insurance that can cover repair and maintenance for common problems.

Thankfully, homeowners insurance covers most of the basics, and you can buy it to leave your stresses behind. However, do you know if it provides mold removal insurance? This blog will explore the answer to the question and the insurance application process to help you understand how the process works.


What is Homeowners Insurance?

According to Investopedia, Homeowners insurance is a basic form of insurance necessary for all homeowners. It covers damage and destruction to the house’s interiors and exteriors, theft of possessions, and personal liability for harm to people.

Which Emergencies Does it Cover?

Homeowners insurance is the most basic form of insurance, so it covers protection from natural disasters like hurricanes, lightning, etc. However, you will need to explore other options to insure your house against damage from earthquakes or floods since those aren’t part of core coverage.

The best strategy is to get clarity from your insurer while applying for insurance because different organizations offer different rates and coverages in the US.

Does it Include Mold Removal Insurance?

Molding is one of the most common problems in homes, old and new, but people often forget to ask insurers if their Homeowners Insurance policy includes mold removal. Mold growth is one of the most common consequences of water damage, so it makes sense to ask your insurer if they cover the cost for remediation.

911 Restoration of Orange County has been in the property restoration business for several years, so we have extensive experience working with insurance companies. As per our insights, insurers provide coverage for mold remediation, but their policy is conditional. 

They understand that water damage is inevitable in some instances and such events are part of their policy. For example, you can expect your insurer to cover mold removal due to:

  • Water damage due to a malfunctioning water heater
  • Water damage from an appliance
  • Water damage from firefighters putting out a fire

You’ll need to pay for the removal in all other cases, most of which happen because of minor repair needs that go unaddressed for some time. We always recommend regular inspections to avoid such unnecessary costs and damage.

What is the Mold Removal Insurance Process?

The mold removal insurance process is similar to other claims, with complexity arising from discussions around the source of damage. As mentioned above, you’ll need to prove that the mold growth at home results from any of the three cases insurers cover.

  • Determining Source of Molding

That’s where our services will become critical. We are home restoration experts, and insurers trust our judgment when determining such factors. Our team will work on all mold removal from your home and highlight its origin, making it easier to tell what led to its development.

We will also use our insights to help you file for the claim, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes during the filing process.

  • Filing and Claiming Coverage

Once we have helped you fill out your claim application, you’ll need to file it and wait for the approval. In our experience, most of our clients get full coverage or nearly full coverage, so long as their molding problem falls under the conditions insurers cover.

Why You Need Professional Mold Removal

People are often uncertain about their coverage and decide to remove mold themselves. We understand your reasons for doing it; however, we strictly advise against such actions. There are several reasons you need to get professional services for mold remediation.

    1. Determine the Source

You might be able to remove mold from the prominent locations, but it will keep coming back until someone treats the source. It would be best if you had professional mold damage restoration because it takes expertise to track the molding source.

Once we track it, we will treat it comprehensively, working on water damage restoration to prevent mold from forming again.

    2. Complete Mold Removal

It takes extensive training to discover which parts of the house the mold infestation has spread to because the growth isn’t always visible. You’ll need a team of professional experts to conduct a detailed inspection and pinpoint all areas that require mold treatment.

    3. Necessary Containment

Not all molds are harmless; some are hazardous and need specialized treatment for remediation and containment. There are 100,000 different types of molds, and it takes a team of trained experts to know which ones are growing in your home.

They often have different treatment plans and containment SOPs, so please contact us immediately, so our teams give you an initial inspection report.

    4. Sanitization

Lastly, mold remediation is about more than just mold treatment. It also involves detailed sanitization and air duct cleaning to remove all mold spores from your home. Professional teams can manage this work efficiently and effectively, so it is best to let us do the job for you.

Final Thoughts

In short, mold removal insurance is available but conditional, so always check with your insurer about coverage before deciding. Don’t hesitate to call us at (714) 455-9544 for emergency damage inspections or contact us for clarification or feedback. 

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