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The Humidity Setting in HVAC Systems – Does It Help or Make Things Worse?

Published by Allegra on September 29, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Humidity levels both inside and outside your building might reduce the911 Restoration damien-raymond Orange Countycooling capacity of your HVAC system. For your facility to be comfortable, HVAC specialists recommend a humidity level of less than 60%. However, this can be difficult to maintain because weather conditions change throughout the year. This short essay summarizes the HVAC issues that excessive humidity can create, as well as the remedies that can help your system run more efficiently while also lowering your energy costs.

When the humidity in the house is too high or too low, it is difficult to provide the highest possible indoor comfort. The good news is that most current HVAC systems humidity setting comes equipped with a dehumidification mechanism that monitors the relative humidity. Their importance extends much beyond simply controlling the temperature because they can also control humidity in your home. It can not only remove humidity from your place but also add it back when needed.

But is the HVAC system humidity control beneficial for us or not? Let’s dive in!

1.   Slows Down the Mold Growth

Higher humidity levels can stimulate mold growth. HVAC system humidity control can detect high humidity levels and remove excess humidity from the environment. Mold growth can be inhibited by keeping decreasing the humidity level at your place.

Damp conditions favor the growth of mold and other harmful organisms that cause property damage if not treated in time. When the relative humidity is around 80%, you are likely to have a mold problem. Mold can grow in wetter rooms like bathrooms and kitchens even though the rest of your house is safe from it. You need to lower your home’s humidity if you see green, black, or grey stains on the walls or within cabinets.

2.   Enhances the Sensation of Coolness in Hot Air

When you sweat, your body cools down by releasing heat from the skin through vapors and sweat into the environment. However, high levels of humidity make evaporation more difficult. Body heat does not dissipate naturally; instead, it remains close to you, leaving you moist and hot.

As a result, the temperature may appear much greater than it actually is. HVAC system humidity settings can come in handy and maintain a regular humidity level, enhancing the surrounding air quality and keeping the place fresh.

If your thermostat is set to 76 F, for example, you may feel like the temperature is 80 F instead because of the higher humidity level. When the humidity is reduced, you do not need to run your air conditioner as hard during the summer. You can save money on your electricity bills by using this method instead of running your air conditioner as much.

3.   Reduces Allergic Reactions And Respiratory Illness Risk

High humidity levels are likely to induce major respiratory difficulties. It is a severe problem because it encourages mold growth of various kinds. These foreign bacteria are typically small that they can easily enter your respiratory tract and start damaging your system or provoke an asthma attack. The HVAC system will help you get rid of excessive humidity and prevent you from catching any allergic or respiratory issues.

Researchers have detected a deadly respiratory infection called Legionnaires’ Disease three times more likely if the humidity is above 80%. Pollens and other microorganisms can linger around longer when the humidity is higher, making allergies worse.

4.   Help People Sleep Better

Better sleep may be one of the best advantages of properly humidifying the home. The inadequate humidity level also creates a less-than-ideal environment for sleeping. Even though our bodies will not show any visible signs of distress due to the lack or excess of moisture in the air, breathing in such an environment will not be ideal for sleeping.

You may have cracked lips and skin if there is insufficient humidity in the air or excessively moist skin due to high humidity levels. Low humidity can also lead to or exacerbate snoring. Your HVAC system humidity control will ensure you have a good sleep without worrying about any visible or hidden effects of extra or less humidity around you.

5.   Protects You During Harsh Winter Days

Having absolute control over the humidity with your HVAC system humidity setting is a must in the winter days. It won’t be good if the humidity drops too low as it can cause problems. Humidity levels between 40 and 50 percent relative humidity are generally considered to be pleasant for most persons. Any lower and skin and other body tissues will begin to dry out.

People who have eczema might experience flare-ups, including ashy, cracked, flaky, or itchy skin. When the humidity drops, those with sensitive skin are more likely to develop skin problems such as acne. Your hair, meanwhile, will grow overly dry, looking drab and more brittle. The mucous membranes in the nose and mouth can dry out, resulting in a dry and harsh breath which can be prevented by installing HVAC system humidity control setting.

911 Restoration of Orange County

All of the above points should convince you that HVAC humidity control is an excellent choice that offers numerous advantages to you. You and your family can benefit from humidity control installed by a qualified firm like 911 Restoration of Orange County. Our professionals also handle HVAC system heating, cooling, and maintenance issues. Please contact us for more details so that we can assist you in making your house a more pleasurable place to live.

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