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Water Damage and Mold Removal in Irvine

Here in Irvine, we’re lucky to enjoy some placid weather: with an average yearly high of 75.5
degrees and an average yearly precipitation of 14.32 inches, we don’t worry about strong
storms. However, just because we only get light showers in the springtime doesn’t mean that
our properties aren’t at risk from the ravages of water, fire, and mold.

Something as simple as a pipe burs or as drastic as a house fire can cause significant
devastation. That’s why we at 911 Restoration of Orange County work to service the entirety of
Orange County when it comes to water damage restoration, mold removal service, and fire damage
restoration. We specialize in both fixing up your property the minute that something bad
happens and in ensuring that the process is as quick and noninvasive as it possibly can be, so
that you can get back to living your life. Give us a call at 714-455-9544 and allow us to offer you a free visual inspection.

Water Damage Restoration in Irvine

can happen from something as devastating as a pipe burstingfrontview-of-911-restoration-van-disaster-relief to as mundane as a washing machine leak. No matter how or when your water damage occurred, our team arrives at your location in 45 minutes or less to begin the water damage restoration service in Irvine.

We start off with a free visual inspection, which we offer exclusively for property owners. We survey the damage and explain your repair options, so that you’re informed every step of the way. We also offer a free insurance consultation so you’ll know what’s covered under your plan and we can even file the water damage claim with your insurance company.

If the extent of the needed water damage restoration is substantial, we pack up and move items
and furniture within range of the damage to the side, so that they won’t be damaged while we
work. We then work on removing any water, if need be, and restoring the property, with services
such as boarding up, storm repair, leak detection, roof repair, structural drying, sewage removal, and more.

The final step is dehumidifying the area, where we extract the water from the area and bring in
commercial fans to dry the area. With intervention from 911 Restoration, it’ll be like the leaky
washing machine or pipe burst never happened. Call us at 714-455-9544 and see how we can help you out.

Mold Remediation and Restoration in Irvine

At a surface level, mold seems like something you can clean up on your own, but it911 Restoration Mold-Cleanup Orange Countydestroys property structures from the inside out and introduces irritating allergens to your home. It even builds upon the problem by spreading spores when you try to clean it by yourself. Worst of all, mold often accompanies water damage, which is why it proliferates in your home after leaks and burst pipes.

That’s why when you call 911 Restoration of Orange County for water damage restoration in Irvine, you should ask for our mold remediation specialist too. We offer an inspection of the property to survey current damage and check for signs of hidden infestations, such as mold patches, water stains, and discolored spots.

With the help of our professional tools and a structural dehumidification process, our team effectively removes mold without spreading spores even further and prevents future growth of mold colonies. Our team in Irvine makes it look like the damage never was.

A house fire can be an incredibly stressful period in anyone’s life. From cleaning up ash to
getting rid of the smoke smell, it can be hard to remove evidence of the fire in the first place.
That’s why we at 911 Restoration of Orange County specialize in restoring homes to the way
they were before the blaze.

There are many facets when it comes to fire damage removal, so we offer a complimentary
insurance consultation, so you know what’s covered. From there, we remove any property in the
area that we clean so that it’s safe. We offer services like sodablasting soot away, removing the
smell of smoke, repairing any property that was damaged by the fire, and conducting water
damage restoration from firefighting hoses.

When you live in a city like Irvine, you don’t need to worry about much. Still, it’s always a good
idea to know who to call when things go wrong. From a burst pipe to a heavy smoke smell from
a cooking project gone wrong, we at 911 Restoration have your back. Give us a call today at 714-455-9544.

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